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ZA-NE’s services fall into four major categories of expertise. Browse our Portfolio to see some of our recent projects.

Property Development

Collaborating with preferred partners, including architects and engineers, ZA‑NE provides upfront assurance of success for every property development project we undertake. Our goal is to build an affordable, high-end quality product. Every ZA‑NE project is satisfaction guaranteed!

General Contractor

In collaboration with a solid network of sub-contractors, ZA‑NE can execute turn-key construction and renovation projects of every scale in the industrial, commercial or residential sectors within budget.

Commercial Office Renovation

ZA‑NE is recognized for its unparalleled expertise in the refitting of commercial buildings. Whether your company is looking to boost productivity, modernize your facilities or offer your tenants a more functional lifestyle space, ZA‑NE can help you with your redevelopment project.

Reconstruction of indoor parking structures

Over the years, concrete erosion will severely damage indoor parking structures. ZA‑NE’s team has extensive expertise in this domain, enabling us to repair every type of indoor parking, as well as prevent the deterioration of new structures. Our team of professionals can provide guidance for projects of every size.


ZA‑NE specializes in property development and construction; a company that delivers exceptional service and a unique experience for its clientele.

Founded in 2011, ZA‑NE draws its strength from the abilities and passion of its founders, together possessing more than 40 years of experience in the construction industry. Backed by a long-standing collaboration, the company’s directors fully commit to its clients and projects. Our philosophy is to create affordable projects, without scrimping on the quality of the design, materials or the products used.

In addition to land development, ZA‑NE also undertakes a variety of projects in the industrial, commercial and residential sectors. ZA‑NE’s in-house team of experienced professionals also excels in the refitting of commercial buildings and repairs of indoor parking structures.

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